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Note: This is made for picking characters for roleplay, especially for Pan Historia.

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Name Dynasty Notes Source Name elements/meaning Source
Note: Well known ruling queens are not included. (They're well known). Dynasty may be approximate as "daughter of" is included in the dynasty of the father.
Ma'at Hornefrure' 19th queen Bunson Ma'at
Maatkare Nefertary NK?-in cache queen Clayton Ma'at, nefer
Maketaten, Meket-Aten, Mekytaten 18th, Amarna period princess Bunson, Clayton Aten
Maia 18th, Amarna period   Aldred    
Menhet 18th queen Bunson, Clayton
Menwi 18th queen Bunson, Clayton
Mereneith 1st queen Bunson Neith
Mereryet 12th queen (2) Bunson
Meresankh 3rd & 4th queens (2) Bunson, Clayton ankh=life
Meritites 4th queen Bunson, Clayton
Merneith 1st queen Bunson, Clayton Neith
Merseger 12th queen Bunson
Merti 18th queen Bunson, Clayton
Meryetamun 19th queen Clayton Amon
Meryetre 18th queen Clayton
Merysankh 12th queen Bunson ankh=life
Merytamon 19th queen Bunson Amon
Meryt-Amon, Merit-Amon 18th queen Bunson Amon
Merytaten, Meritaten (nickname is Mayati) 18th, Amarna period princess Clayton, Aldred Aten
Merytaten-tasherit 18th, Amarna period princess Clayton Aten, tasherit=junior
Meryt-Re-Hatshepsut 18th queen Bunson
Mutemwiya 18th queen Bunson
Mutnodjme, Mutnodjmet 18th queen Bunson, Clayton
Mutnofret 18th queen Bunson nefer
Muyet 11th royal child Bunson, Clayton
Nebet 5th queen Bunson nebt
Nebettawy 19th queen Clayton nebt
Nebt 11th noblewoman Bunson nebt
Nebt-tawya, Nebt-tawy 19th queen Bunson nebt
Neferhent 12th queen Bunson nefer
Neferhetep 4th/5th queen or princess Clayton nefer, hetep
Neferhetepes 5th princess Bunson nefer, hetep
Neferkent 12th queen Bunson nefer
Neferneferure   princess Aldred    
Nefertari 19th queen Bunson nefer
Nefertiti 18th, Amarna period queen Bunson nefer
Nefertkau, Nefertkaw 4th princess Bunson nefer
Neferu 12th queen (2) Bunson nefer
Neferu 11th queen Clayton nefer
Neferukhayt, Neferukayt, Neferukhayet 11th queen (2) Bunson nefer
Neferukhebt 18th princess Bunson nefer
Neferu-Re', Neferu-re 18th princess Bunson nefer, Re
Nefret 12th queen Bunson nefer
Nefru 12th queen Clayton nefer
Nefru-Ptah 12th princess Clayton nefer, Ptah
Nefrusheri 12th queen Bunson
Nefru-Sobek 12th queen & a ruling queen (2) Bunson, Clayton nefer, Sobek
Nefru-totenen, Nefrutoten 12th queen Bunson nefer
Neith 6th queen Clayton Neith
Neithotep 1st queen Bunson Neith, hotep
Nemathap 2nd queen Clayton
Nenseddjedet 12th princess Clayton
Neshkons NK?-in cache queen Clayton
Nestanebtishru NK?-in cache princess Clayton
Nit 6th queen Bunson Neith
Nitemat 600 BC or 26th dynasty Macdonald
Nithotep mother of Aha queen Clayton Neith, hotep
Nodjmet NK?-in cache queen Clayton
Nofret 4th princess Bunson nefer
Nofret 3rd Clayton nefer
Nubkhas 11th queen Bunson
Nubkhesed 20th queen Bunson
Rai NK?-in cache female Clayton
Raia 19th mother of a queen Bunson
Redji 3rd princess Bunson
Reputneb 5th queen Bunson
Sadeh 11th princess Bunson, Clayton
Sadek 11th queen (lesser) Bunson
Sebek-shedty-Neferu 12th queen Bunson
Senebsen 13th queen Bunson
Senisonbe 18th mother of a king Bunson
Sennuwy 12th princess Bunson
Seshseshet, Shesheshet 6th princess Bunson
Sitamun 18th, Amarna period princess Bunson Amun
Sit-Hathor-Yunet 12th princess Clayton Hathor
Sitre 19th queen Bunson
Sobekemsaf 17th queen Bunson
Sotepenre   princess Aldred    
Ta-Opet 20th queen Bunson
Tadukhipa 18th, Amarna period Mitannian queen Aldred    
Takhaet 19th queen Bunson
Tarset 1st queen Bunson
Taweret NK?-in cache queen Clayton
Tem 11th queen Bunson, Clayton
Tener 18th wife of official Bunson
Teo 18th queen Bunson
Tetisheri 17th queen Bunson
Tey 18th queen Bunson
Thent Hep (may be Inhapi) 18th royal woman Bunson
Tia 19th queen Bunson, Clayton
Tiy 18th queen Bunson, Clayton
Tiye 20th queen Bunson
Tjepu 1350 BC or 18th dynasty Macdonald
Tuia 18th mother of a queen Bunson
Tuya 19th queen Bunson, Clayton
Tuyu      Aldred    
Twosre 19th queen Bunson
Weret-Imtes 6th? queen Clayton



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