Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs: Words

Note: This was created for roleplay for Panhistoria, so it includes elements common in ancient Egyptian names, and it is put in order of the English alphabet for ease in finding the sound you want.

Egyptian "Alphabet" More Sounds (Biliterals, Triliterals) Determinatives Words

While we write from left to right in English, Egyptians usually wrote from right to left. These letters are written to be read from left to right, as one would read in English. You can tell which direction to use because you read towards the images.


Amun  amun  
Aten  aten  
bek  bek  male servant
bekt  bekt  female servant
 em  m "in"
  h.aty-'  haty  male governor, mayor
 h.aty-'  haty  female governor, mayor htp  hotep, peace, satisfied
 iiw iiw  welcome
 Mentu mntjw  
neb  lord  lord
nebet  lady  lady
per  house  house
sa  sa  son
sat  sat  daughter
 sht, scribe female scribe  female scribe
 negation  negation  


Fonts: Egypt0, King Tut, King Tut Too from

Although some signs for htp and haty-a were modified.

Collier, Mark, and Bill Manley. (1998). How to read Egyptian Hieroglyphs: A step-by-step guide to teach yourself. Los Angeles: University of California Press.

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