Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs

Note: This was created for roleplay for Panhistoria, so it includes elements common in ancient Egyptian names, and it is put in order of the English alphabet for ease in finding the sound you want.

Egyptian "Alphabet" More Sounds (Biliterals, Triliterals) Determinatives Words

While we write from left to right in English, Egyptians usually wrote from right to left. These letters are written to be read from left to right, as one would read in English. You can tell which direction to use because you read towards the images.

Ancient Egyptian Alphabet

 A, also shown as 3  a Actually, more like a glottal stop.
 A  a Say "ah" and tighten the throat at the same time.
B  b  
D  d  
F  f  
G  g  
H  h  
Hard H  hard h Emphatic H, said in the throat.
I  i  
J (dj)  j  
K  k  
K at the back of the throat (some also use for Q)  k  
KH  kh  
KH  kh  
M  m  
N  n  
P  p  
R  r  
S  s  
SH  sh  
T  t  
Tj  tj  
U, W  u  
Y  y  
Z  z  

More Sounds (Biliterals, Triliterals, etc.)

ankh, 'nkh  ankh  
djd djd  
ib ib heart
ka ka  
kha kha  
khpr khpr  
ma' maa  
mn mn  
ms ms  
nb  nb  
nbw nbw gold
nfr nfr nefer, beauty
ntr ntr god
pr  pr per
thousand  thousand  
wa  wa  
wr  wr  
wsr  wsr  


These are used at the end of some words to classify the word. They do not have a vocal sound.

desert  desert  
man  man  
motion  motion  
sky  sky  
sun, light, time  sun  
woman  woman  
Upper Egypt  upperegypt  
write, abstractions papyrus roll  


Fonts: Egypt0, King Tut, King Tut Too from

Although some signs for htp and haty-a were modified.

Collier, Mark, and Bill Manley. (1998). How to read Egyptian Hieroglyphs: A step-by-step guide to teach yourself. Los Angeles: University of California Press.

Per Ankh

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