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Abydos in Stargate

Based on the movie and the series

The Planet Abydos

The Stargate designation is P8X-873. Abydos has a 36-hour day and the Stargate symbol for Abydos refers to its three moons. Abydos is a desert planet and has major sand storms. Some sites say it's all desert, but that's not stated in canon. The Stargate movie books mentioned some farmers.

The People


The Abydonians are descendants of Egyptians taken from Earth by Ra. Ra, a Goa'uld who took on the persona of the god Ra, came to Earth 10,000 years ago, and the Abydonians were taken away at that time. The Giza coverstones and an amulet from "The Curse" are from 10,000 years ago. The rebellion that causes Ra to leave Earth takes place 5,000 years ago (3000 BC). On Abydos, Ra outlaws reading and writing to prevent another rebellion, although Sha'uri knows where the cave is that has a record of how they got to Abydos, and she shows it to Daniel in the movie.




From watching the movie again.

Nagada and City Life



In "Full Circle," the Abydonians go to the Caves of Kalima or Kaleemah for protection.


Abydonian words in the movie

They had a linguist help them in the movie. They didn't always use reconstructed Egyptian for the series, so I consider the movie version (minus Ra's dialogue) to be the best for language. Bear in mind that this is what it sounds like to me, and there were no captions for these. I'm only mentioning the ones I feel the best about. Your mileage may vary:

From the scene where Daniel and Sha'uri are in the cave with the hieroglyphs

Daniel says (how the Egyptologists conventionally say it now) --> Sha'uri says

Sentences that were captioned. The meaning is certain, but I was madly writing down both the caption and what the Abydonian sounded like to me.

From Watching the Movie Again


The movie Stargate

The tv series Stargate SG:1

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