picture of Eighth Nome symbol hieroglyph of Abydos
  Eighth Nome Abydos


Djed Pillar

The heiroglyph means "stability." It has been a symbol of Abydos since prehistoric times. It was perhaps a tree, a pole with ears of corn, or the backbone of Osiris.

Hypostyle Hall

A columned hall that symbolized a primeval papyrus swamp.

Mortuary Temple

This was for a cult of a dead king. From the early New Kingdom on, mortuary temples were separate from the tomb.

Osirid Pillar

A pillar and king statue, usually in rows around a temple forecourt.

Peristyle Court

A temple court with a roofed colonnade on all four sides.


This was the monumental gateway to a temple. The pair of sloping masonry was like the akhet or "horizon" heiroglyph.


A stone or wood slab with inscriptions, reliefs, or paintings.


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